Game description
Seek out the letters Z, I, R, C & H amidst the myriad distractions.
How to play
This game consists of a bunch of numbers floating around the screen. Your job is to seek out and click on all the Zs, Is, Rs, Cs and Hs. In each round there are a total of 25 of these targets (5 of each) mixed in with the rest of the letters. The top of the game board displays the targets, and updates each time you find and remove one of them. In order to pass the round, you need to find at least 20 of 25 target letters. Ideally you want to find all 25 before time expires. The first round is totally straight-forward but things become increasingly tricky after that as the fonts, sizes & colors of the letters will begin to change. Other distractions will be introduced as well. Every 10 rounds the game cycles and you have to work with more letters in a smaller space.