Pie Blimp

Game description
Discount Pie Warehouse is having a crazy promotional giveaway. Free pie distributed by blimp. One time, and one time only, they are using the Pie Blimp to drop pie on possible customers (and the unsuspecting). The blimp should drop the type of pie to match the color of the clothes that the possible pie eater is wearing. Crazy? Or crazy good idea for pie distribution? Use A and D Keys to move left and right. Drop pies with Spacebar. Use Free Play Mode to just fly around dumping pie on people's heads.
How to play
Match pie color (flavor/type) with people's clothes color. i.e. Yellow to Yellow, etc. Move the blimp left and right with the A and D Keys. Drop pies with Spacebar. +100 Points for Proper Pie Placement. -50 for Incorrect Pie Color match.
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