Feed my Cat

Game description
This is a card match game. However, it is not an ordinary one as you goal is to match only the cards that are set in your goal... Either the green or the yellow pictures at any given point. The game features pictures of my wonderful cat for you to enjoy! Playing it will help me feed and take care of my cat!
How to play
Click with your mouse on the cards to match them according to one of two goals set in the begining of the round: Feed my cat: Match only yellow regular cat pictures Feed my green cat: Match only green cat pictures Matching the wrong cards to the goal... E.g. Green when normal yellow required ends the game. As you can see, the game start easy and keep getting harder after every level with more chances to match a wrong pair of cards. Remember! You can keep playing even if you click two unmatchable cards, even with the opposite color to your goal and the game won't over as long as you don't match two of the wrong color pair! Also, the more you match in one row, the more bonus you get to your score, so try to match as many pairs straight in a row!